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Northfield Mandolins

Tone-Gard isolates the back of the instrument from the player. Isolating the back allows the top to produce more volume and deepens the tone. Many of the most prominent mandolinists -- including David Grisman, Ricky Skaggs, Chris Hillman, Roland White, Radim Zenkl, Andy Statman, Mike Marshall, Dana Rath, Tom Rozum, Eric Thompson, Emory Lester, and many others -- use and recommend the Tone-Gard to get the best sound.

The Mandolin Cafe is a great place for just about anything you would like to know about mandolins

Mandolin Magazine is a quarterly magazine for mandolin players and enthusiasts. Find Reviews, Workshops, Articles, Back Issues, and more

Check out new groups and performers as well as your favorites. View performance schedules and even listen to your favorite group's latest CD samples. Don't forget festival listings too.


"Dogwood Designs"....they make great leather instrument straps


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